Adolescence is a very important time where the child’s body gradually evolves into that of a young adult. Both physiological and hormonal changes can cause physical stress on the children’s joints and muscles, hence the importance of having a chiropractor examine the spine and nervous system of the teenager periodically to help promote healthy growth and proper posture.

The benefits of chiropractic for teenagers
From childhood to adolescence, your child accumulates hundreds of falls that can affect his body in subtle ways. Chiropractic care promotes optimal alignment and mobility of the spine, allowing greater flexibility, proper posture and optimal nerve function. Chiropractic is beneficial for back pain, some types of scoliosis and the related discomfort that may result from the muscular imbalances, headaches, sports injuries, and many other conditions.

Posture and Technology
In addition to these major physiological changes, the teenage period includes "technological" changes. In fact, daily use of devices such as cell phone, tablets, laptop, video games and others can cause major changes in their posture. We see more and more young people hunched forward, which causes a lot of stress on the spine, in addition to being often related to headaches as well as pain and stiffness in the neck and upper back. We must keep in mind that bad postural habits adopted during adolescence tend to worsen over time and may persist into adulthood. The chiropractor is able to give simple advice to your teenager as to how to improve his posture but can also help him/her to integrate healthy habits and to maintain good spinal health.

Do not wait until your teenager complains of back pain to visit a chiropractor. Prevention is very important during this growth period. Just like good nutrition, exercise and rest, make chiropractic care an integral part of a healthy lifestyle!