The birth process is undoubtedly the first major stress experienced by our body. Even when the delivery proceeds normally, some tension, shear stress or pressure can affect the newborn’s spine, as well as his cranium, muscles, joints and neurological system. Left to themselves, these conditions could potentially lead to neuro-musculo-skeletal health problems in children, such as torticollis or plagiocephaly (asymmetry of the bones that form the skull and face).

As he grows up, baby begins to support his head, to sit, to crawl and to walk. Along with those steps will come, of course, many falls that can affect the child’s spine and joints. Incorrect ways of lifting or carrying your infant, as well as his play and sleep positions can also induce mechanical stress.

A chiropractic examination of your baby can detect imbalances present in skeletal, muscular or nervous systems, even before they become clearly evident. By detecting these problems quickly, the doctor of chiropractic can help attain the best possible normal function for these systems, thereby promoting optimal health and development for your child. Obviously, the techniques used for the assessment and treatment of babies are adapted to their special and delicate structures.