Pregnancy is a time of great changes. The body’s mechanics are greatly modified both by the weight gain and the increasing elasticity of the joints caused by a hormone called relaxin. Pain in the back, ribs, irritation of the sciatic nerve, neck pain or pain between the shoulder blades might be experienced by the expecting mother. The chiropractic evaluation will evaluate the presence of imbalances in the spine, pelvic and peripheral joints. Considering that the uterine ligaments have multiple insertion sites on the pelvis, a constraint at the pelvic joints level can cause slight torsion of the uterus, thereby creating a deformation of the space available for the baby in-utero. Particular emphasis is given to the proper function of joints and soft tissues of the pelvis, in order to avoid symptoms related to mechanical imbalances, but also to prepare the body for childbirth. One study showed a significant reduction of labor time during childbirth for women that were under chiropractic care during pregnancy. For example, in primiparous women (1st pregnancy), a reduction of the labor time of 23% was observed, while a 39% decrease was noted for multiparous women. Chiropractic offers natural treatments, without the use of medication, which is complementary to the care provided by your midwife or medical doctor throughout pregnancy. Chiropractic techniques used during pregnancy are adapted for expecting mothers, and are effective and safe for both the baby and the mother. The chiropractor is also well trained to prescribe exercises during the pregnancy and post-partum period.

Try chiropractic, for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy !