A chiropractor is a qualified professional to assess the spine, the muscles and the joints of your children. Various mechanical stressors may affect your children’s spine and joints : practicing a sport such as soccer, skating, hockey and gymnastics leads to numerous falls and injuries, as do many activities of daily living. Bad posture at school, watching television or playing on a computer are other causes of musculoskeletal disorders for children. Some of these injuries are visible and noticeable by yourself or your child, but at other times they may go unnoticed. A regular chiropractic evaluation can help limit the consequences of those imbalances.

Childhood is also the perfect time for screening postural disorders such as scoliosis. A simple postural assessment by a chiropractor can quickly detect cases of scoliosis more at risk of evolving during growth spurts, allowing an effective early treatment, possibly in collaboration with orthopedists in more severe cases of postural disorders.

Chiropractic treatments are adapted to the frame and developmental stages of children. Chiropractic manipulations for young children’s spine and peripheral joints are often performed using only the fingertips, with very light pressure. Chiropractic care is safe for children and does not involve any painful or uncomfortable treatments.